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Welcome, I'm    . I'm just curious, did you know that essential oils can be so much more than a pretty smell?  Most people are really excited and curious to find out how people around the world are using essential oils for all aspects of health and wellness. Would it be ok if I take you on an Essential Oils Discovery?

Through this site you can embark on a journey to discover Essential Oils.  There's 2 ways you can experience the Essential Oils Discovery:
1. Download the ebook - Choose to download the free Essential Oils Discovery e-book 
2. Watch the Oils Discovery video - choose to watch a replay of an Oils Discovery webinar.   

Which is the best fit for you? Read the ebook or watch the video?
Simply click on the link for what's going to be easiest for you.

Learn about how to use Essential Oils in the Oils Discovery e-book

Thieves is an essential oil blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary & Eucalyptus

PanAway is an Essential Oil Blend

Affordable Wellness. Essential Oils are more affordable then you think!

In your Oils Discovery learn about the different ways of using essential oils

In the Oils Discovery, learn about the different grades of Essential Oils and what they are used for

Learn about the art of distillation from master distiller D. Gary Young

Free Oils Discovery e-book

Oils Discovery e-book

The Oils Discovery e-book is your introduction to therapeutic grade essential oils. Everybody says they love the e-book! This free e-book is packed with 60+ pages of practical tips and videos. To receive your link to view the Oils Discovery e-book, complete your details below. 

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Live Oils Discovery Webinar

Experience the live online Oils Discovery webinar. Join us for 1 hour, as we explore practical tips from the Oils Discovery e-book for using therapeutic grade essential oils. During the webinar, you can ask questions too! See the upcoming webinar dates below.  Register now by clicking your date below then completing your info to reserve your spot!

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Recorded Oils Discovery Webinar

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Most people start their Essential Oil journey with the

Premium Starter Kit

Premium Starter Kit includes 11 oils + Diffuser + Access to wholesale prices

Included are 11 therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils

The Dew drop Diffuser is included in the Premium Starter Kit.

The diffuser uses water with essential oils to deliver a fine aromatic mist for 3 hours of continuous use.

Rollerball fitments connect to any bottle to make it an easy to use as a roll-on!

When you order through this site, you'll receive a
50 page Premium Oils e-book, Starter Guide e-book and Mobile App,
all free with your Premium Starter Kit!

10 sharing cards and 10 sample bottles are included in the PSK

2 NingXia Red Sachets and 10 Essential Oil Single Use Sachets

Included are 11 essential oils

Learn about the oils in these videos

Click play below to watch a video on each of the oils.

Kit Demonstration Video

Watch the video below to see what's included in the Premium Starter Kit.

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Create a healthy home.
Natural and non-toxic cleaning and home products.
Discover total body wellness with NingXia Red juice
and nutritional supplements
Radiate pure beauty.
 Skin care, bath and body products
Find your inner peace.
Connect mind and body for harmonious living with spiritual, emotional wellness and relaxation products

Start your oily journey now!

Are you wanting to get started on your Essential Oils Journey now? Most people want to get started right away. Simply click the button below to order. You can start with the Premium Starter Kit or the Young Living products of your choice.

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When you order through this site, you'll receive this free 50 page e-book that shows you 100+ ways to use the oils in your Premium Starter Kit

I'm here to help!

Hi! I'm FIRSTNAME, I'll be your personal guide to support you on your Essential Oils and Wellness Discovery.
If you have any questions, I'm the person to contact. You will receive my email address and phone number when you fill in the form to download the free Oils Discovery e-book.

I'm here to help you!

Young Living Independent Member

Team Wild Fire are Your Support Team

In addition to FIRSTNAME, you also have an entire team to support you on your journey. Team Wild Fire are a community of like minded people working together to empower people towards wellness through essential oils and chemical free living. Team Wild Fire have created a library of resources including an App for your tablet or phone, weekly live online classes and e-books including a 70 page Starter Guide, Premium Oils Guide and Oils A-Z guide which are all available for free to Team Wild Fire members! 

Most people get started with the Premium Starter Kit. When you purchase the Premium Starter Kit with FIRSTNAME as your referrer, you will become a part of Team Wild Fire, giving you access to all of these resources, including a free website just like this one!  

Free Tools & Resources

As a member of Team Wild Fire, you will gain access to oodles of resources including these...

The free Team Wild Fire App gives you access to:
* weekly live online classes that teach you how to use your oils
* chat room to get your questions answered
* e-books that show you how to use your oils

You will get access to all of these Team Wild Fire e-books for free! All these ebooks can be easily accessed on your phone or computer via the Team Wild Fire App.

Why Young Living?

There are so many Essential Oil companies around - so why should you choose Young Living? Look through the document below to see what sets Young Living apart from other essential oil companies.

Starter Guide

The Starter Guide is one of the free e-books you'll receive when you order. Browse the Starter Guide below to discover more about the resources you'll gain access to when you get started. Click the left and right arrows to scroll through the guide.